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Thank you for joining us at the Whitchurch Walking Festival this year.

The Festival was sponsored by Whitchurch Town Council, PelliTec and Involved Holidays.

Enjoy the selection of photographs below from some of the walks over the weekend.

Next year, our walking festival will run from Friday 9th May to Sunday 11th May inclusive.  Please save the dates.  

If you did not attend this year but would like to be informed by email about the 2025 and
future Whitchurch Walking Festivals
, please click here.

Bronington by Bus

Bronington startBronington to the mossBronington applecore

Canal Boat 1: Lyneal Wharf, Ellesmere, Sprout Wood to Welshampton

CB1 Ellesmere tunnelCB1 Sprout WoodCB1 walk

Oteley Estate Gardens (Ellesmere)

Oteley EllesmereOteley FollyOteley RhoddiesOteley Estate Lodge


Celidh 2024

Hawkstone Park and Follies

Hawkstone bridgeHawkstone above bridgeHawkstone trees

Whittington Area

Whittington swansWhittington soldiers

Rail Ramble Wrenbury Circular

Rail ramble irisRail ramble water

Whitchurch Ramblers Wellbeing Walk to Hadley Cafe

Hadley groupHadley view

Canal Boat 2: Bronington & Fenn's Moss to Hampton Bank

CB2 all aboardCB2 resting

Broughall and Back

Broughall viewBroughall house

Combermere Woods

Combemere blue bellsCombermere HollyhurstCombemere Ossmere

Three Meres

Three Meres

The Shire Horse Cream Tea Experience

Shire Horse hoodieShire Horse groupShire Horse tedder

Canal Boat 3: Bettisfield to Whixall Marina

CB3 Bettisfield mossCB3 Bettisfield walkCB3 group

Final Get Together

Final get together

See you next year!

Friday 9th May to Sunday 12th May 2025