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The numbers for paths commonly affected by  cropping in  Whitchurch Urban and Whitchurch Rural parishes can be found on the relevant map below. Click on the map to enlarge and use the magnifier to enlarge again.

Maps of Whitchurch Urban (0234), and Whitchurch Rural (0233)

The maps are: Map 1 North West of Whitchurch, Map 2 North East, Map 3 South West, Map 4 South East.

There is some overlap. Parish boundaries highlighted in pink.

Rights of Way that are highlighted in green are ones which were cropped with maize last year, or where a crop prevented access, or where  ploughing has been seen very recently.

Path numbers are given in black.

Whitchurch Urban (prefix 0234) has just the number, Whitchurch Rural (prefix 0233) the number is underlined.

Need to report cropping, especially maize, where a path has not been made. This will not become obvious until early June.

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